Agriculture Crime Increase in NI

Agricultural crimes in Northern Ireland have risen in the last year. There were 237 agriculture crimes recorded with the highest level seen in Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon (41), followed by Newry, Mourne and Down (39).

In the last year seven policing districts showed an increase in levels of agricultural crime with burglary and robbery representing 28% off agricultural crime in Northern Ireland, while theft represented 72%.

Research by the farm insurance comparison site shows that 41% of the 6,000 sampled, keep their items in a locked garage or barn overnight.  However almost 20% of farmers don’t lock their garages or barns and 15% of vehicles are left out on unsecure driveways.

Paul Murchan, Director, Gullion Ltd said, “Despite the increase in agricultural crime, this remains one of the lowest twelve month figures since 2010/11 when 937 crimes were recorded. That being said the estimated bill for rural theft in 2022 was a substantial sum of £40.5m with farms continuing to be a target for specialist thieves. 

“Farmers should have the right level of cover and policy in place to protect their livestock, property, vehicles and equipment, after all it is their livelihood.  They should maintain a good standard of building and boundary security.  Keep diesel tanks close to your property and store equipment in a secure building.  Lock all vehicles keeping expensive items out of sight when not in use. Use appropriate locks, mark tools and register them as well as keep a record of all valuable items. We would also recommend that farmers fit security lights and consider installing CCTV. Livestock should be checked regularly and use markings so that they are identifiable.”

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