Do I have insurance cover to work from home?

With working from home, now the new norm, Gullion Ltd would encourage home owners to ensure that their insurance policy is fit for purpose. 

At the beginning of lockdown the Association of British Insurers pledged that customers didn’t need to inform their insurer if they work from home while the government advice was to do so.  However as restrictions ease and the working landscape has shifted with many employees choosing to work from home on a permanent or semi permanent basis, then they must speak to their insurer or their policy could be invalid.

When insurers talk about ‘business use’ it generally refers to anything that’s done in the home in a repeated and continual way for financial gain. Computers and additional technologies may not be covered within a standard contents cover policy as they are not deemed as household goods.  There may be a limited amount of cover but not what might be required to give you adequate protection so you may want to supplement this with an ‘all risks’ policy to cover business equipment.

If you’re not just remote working but rather you’ve moved your entire business to operate from home, then, it’s important to protect your assets and equipment with business insurance. 

Employers have a large role to play to ensure that any borrowed items to support working from home are covered for remote working under the company’s business insurance policy.   Furthermore accidents that occur while working from home are still deemed workplace accidents therefore employers have a duty of care to ensure that the remote working areas are safe.

Insurance, especially when working from home, can be complex.  Speaking directly to your insurer is best practice as each provider will have different policies.  The contract you are entering into will be custom made to suit your particular needs to protect what to many is their single biggest tangible asset, their home, should an emergency happen.

Having the wrong insurance in place or if you are under insured could be costly so making sure that you have the right policy in place is crucial. After all, peace of mind is priceless.

In the event where you do need to make a claim, Gullion Ltd can represent you, the policyholder, and take the stress out of your emergency by negotiating the best settlement on your behalf to ensure that you achieve your full entitlement, under the terms and conditions of your policy.