Fire Safety should Remain Paramount over Halloween Celebrations

Halloween can be a frighteningly enjoyable time for many but it can also be extremely dangerous with bonfires and fireworks causing personal injury and damage to property. 

Paul Murchan, Director, Gullion Ltd said, “There is a heightened risk of serious harm to people and property at this time of the year.  On average, every year, 127 fires in homes and buildings in the UK are started by fireworks alone. 

Fire damage claim successfully managed by Gullion Ltd.

“Often viewed as harmless, sparklers burn at temperatures of around 2,000 degrees, which is the equivalent to a welding torch!  Combined with the numerous risks associated with bonfires it can be a challenging time of the year for Fire and Rescue Services.

“For those who are building bonfires the safety advice is to position them away from property, sheds, fences, trees, communications masts, overhead power lines etc.  You would be discouraged from using petrol or accelerants to start or grow the bonfire as they can easily get out of control.

“In terms of property damage and insurance claims, as your garden falls within the boundary of your home, most insurance policies will automatically provide cover for fences, gates and sheds. However outbuildings often house valuable items such as BBQ’s, gardening equipment, power tools, bicycles etc. so although you will have some level of cover through your contents insurance you should check your policy details to see exactly what is and isn’t included.  Any high value ticket items should fall into the specified category and be declared to your insurers.

“In the unfortunate event where your property has suffered fire damage we would encourage you to preserve the scene and no repairs should be carried out without instruction from your insurer as this could ultimately have an impact on the success of your insurance claim.”

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