Flaps and Fraud

We’ve witnessed time and time again, void insurance claims, as the policyholder has not provided FULL disclosure to the insurer when they entered into their contract with their provider.

Paul Murchan, Director Gullion Ltd said, “Lockdowns accelerated a huge amount of purchases to kit out our home offices, it instigated record sales of gym equipment and high-end bicycles to keep fit, and there was also an upsurge in home and garden renovations with investment in accessories such as bbq’s, pizza ovens, hot tubs and more.  It’s concerning that people have then failed to include these items or developments in their home insurance policy which will ultimately leave them out of pocket, should they need to make a claim. 

“Non-disclosure or even misrepresentation of a material fact could lead to your claim being declined.  All changes to your home should be disclosed as even installing a cat or dog flap could be deemed by your insurer to make your back door less secure and therefore invalidate your home insurance policy.

“Recent data from The Association of British Insurers reveal that one in five claims are rejected due to a problem which has invalidated the home insurance policy. At the end of the day, an increased premium with cover is the only option in contrast to maintaining your current policy which will be void as you didn’t provide full disclosure to your insurer.

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