Need to Make an Insurance Claim – Why Should I Hire Gullion Ltd?

Unfortunately emergencies happen – whether it’s a burglary, a burst water pipe or fire to your home or business premises.  During this stressful time it’s important to know how to navigate the insurance claims process as well as how to repair your property, which can be daunting and overwhelming for many. 

By appointing a loss assessor as early as possible in the claims process, you are protecting yourself by making sure you are equally represented from the outset. Once hired, we can contact your insurance company on your behalf. 

As you are making the claim, it is your legal responsibility to prepare and present the claim to your insurance company. Without the expert knowledge of Gullion Ltd, this is a huge task.  It is a meticulous and time-consuming process whereby every item or element of the claim must be documented and justified. 

During this critical period, it’s vital to be aware that you are NOT insured at all until the insurer accepts liability for the claim. Once they do accept liability, the claim can only then progress.  However, going it alone, without an expert in your corner, could jeopordise the outcome of your claim as you may unknowingly prejudice or impact the final pay out from the insurer, leaving you out of pocket as you try to restore your property.

Representing you, the policyholder, we can take the stress out of your emergency by negotiating the best settlement on your behalf to ensure that you achieve your full entitlement, under the terms and conditions of your policy.  We are on your team. Contact Gullion Ltd.


Before and after photo’s from a water damage claim which affected multiple rooms throughout this home. Claim management and restoration by Gullion Ltd.  If you need help negotiating a property insurance claim contact Gullion Ltd on 028 3082 8838.