No Seven Year Itch for Gullion Ltd

Celebrations are well underway for local insurance claim consultants, Gullion Ltd who mark 7 years in business in May. This thriving local business run by Directors Niall Quinn and Paul Murchan continues to grow from strength to strength with rapid growth in the ROI market and plans for expansion set to continue.  Director, Niall Quinn […]

What have you bought?

According to the latest research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which shows that many insurance firms, including several top-ten insurers, have rejected on average 23% of claims with some rejecting as much as 45% of all home insurance claims.  To put this into context, by contrast the FCA found that 99% of car insurance […]

New Year Resolutions…Remember Them?

Losing weight, getting fit, a device detox or more self care? These are all popular New Year Resolutions but if there is one that you should absolutely follow through on it is to check your home insurance policy is fit for purpose. A recent review by Central Bank shows that under insurance increased from 6.5% […]

The Stakes are High with Oil Spillage

There are approximately 3,000 oil spills in the UK each year which can damage structures and groundwater as well as have a severe toxic impact on your health.  The clean-up costs of oil spillage can be exceptionally high, typically into tens of thousands, therefore it’s pertinent for the homeowner to maintain their oil tank and […]

Under Insurance Surge

Home owners are at substantial risk of not being fully covered by their insurance policy should they need to make a claim. Niall Quinn, Director, Gullion Ltd said, “The Chartered Surveyors in Ireland found that rebuild costs have leapt by more than 20% over the past 12 months which means that many homeowners were automatically […]

When the Elements Take Hold

Mother Nature can create some amazing ‘acts of God’.  This action movie phrase is unlikely to be referred to within your insurance policy which is typically set out in terms of what is or what is not covered. Insurance Claims Expert, Paul Murchan, Director, Gullion Ltd said, “Whilst many of these disasters will be covered […]