Gullion Ltd T/A Gullion Loss Assessors are Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and have over 10 years experience in the Insurance Claims Sector. We are dedicated to helping people who have suffered accidental loss or damage to their home or business. In the event of a household or commercial property claim we represent the policyholder and aim to ensure that you, the policyholder, achieve your full entitlement under the terms and conditions of your policy.

Most people may never experience loss or damage to their property and others may experience this once in their lifetime. It can be a stressful time in any case. Gullion Loss Assessors can take away the burden of dealing with your insurance claim in that we will deal with the entire process from start to finish whilst always keeping the client informed on progress.

Our team of Loss Assessors and Quantity Surveyors will:

  • Provide initial advice on your claim
  • Carry out a survey of the damage caused within 2 days
  • Report your claim to insurers
  • Meet with the insurers representative at the property and agree on the overall scope of the damage
  • Submit a priced schedule of costs
  • Negotiate a settlement figure with the insurers representative

It is our job to complete a speedy, efficient and cost effective settlement and ensure the policyholder is in the same position as they were before the loss.

The fee we charge for the professional service we provide to you is based on a percentage of claim settlement and this is always agreed with the policyholder in advance. It can sometimes vary depending on the size of loss.

If you experience any of the following please contact us immediately as we may be able to help.

  • Fire & smoke damage
  • Storm & flood damage
  • Freezing & Burst Pipes
  • Subsidence, Landslip & Ground Heave
  • Stealing or attempted stealing
  • Vandalism & Malicious Damage
  • Escape of Water
  • Leakage of Oil
  • Impact
  • Falling trees or branches
  • Falling or Breakage of Aerials/Aerial Fitting/Masts
  • Accidental Damage